Chuck Schumer Goes Rogue

Morning Sickness

Chuck Schumer is in a bad place. Israel, and the Jewish lobby in America, are all about quashing the Iran deal, and Schumer’s constituents mostly agree. The problem is there are no good alternatives, so the Senator made up a bad one. Let’s start the negotiating over. It’s absurd to even think of, but the only real alternative is to invade and destroy Iran’s nuclear sites, and that means a full scale war against a strategically located enemy. The result would be horrific, and could even spill over into the entire middle east.

Scuttling this deal has many implications. The rest of the world will see us as a divided, weakened nation. The presidency will suffer. Israel will be seen as pulling the strings of an American puppet. We will be seen as once again siding with Saudi Arabia in a religious fight over Islam. ISIS will be emboldened by a weakened Iran.

The rest of the nations who penned the Iran deal are already sending trade groups to get their piece of the Iran pie. There is no going back. The most we can do at this point is cut ourselves out of a trading partner. This deal is done.

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