Clinton, Cruz forge ahead

Cruz and Trump

The Republican race may have come down to two narcissistic megalomaniacs. Sure, Rubio says his campaign knew this would be the worst of times, and that good fortune awaits him in the coming weeks. We hope so, but don’t see it. It is more likely that Republicans are facing two possible outcomes that could not be worse; they can nominate a quasi-liberal who is promising the moon, or a Tea Party conservative hated by every member of Congress save a few who may have brain-damage. Either way, they stand to lose Congress in two years, if not before. The gridlock will kill them.

Sanders takes two

These liberal socialists are fighters if nothing else. Sanders took Kansas and Nebraska. I guess the enlightened leadership of Governor Sam Brownback would make anyone a


Brownbackistani children salute ‘Dear Leader Sam’ during the morning Call to Prayer.

socialist. Brownback’s site  header says ‘Leading the Kansas Comeback’, and that seems odd, since what Kansas needs to come back from is the leadership of Sam Brownback.

Salon calls it Brownbackistan, where everything is awesome. Truthfully, everything in Kansas is beginning to remind us of North Korea. The economy is in the tank, the state is fiscally on life-support, and schools have become an after-thought. Supply-side horse shit triumphs again.

Sanders and Trump

The popularity of Sanders and Trump reinforces the belief that there are a lot of really Angry_Mobpissed off people out there, even in states you would not expect. What does Nebraska have to be pissed off about? Are hog prices off? Actually, there is lots of angst in the middle of the country. Towns are drying up. People are leaving family farms. The oil boom has officially tanked. Rugged pioneers are moving to the cities to find jobs, and not smell farm animals. Big changes everywhere in the country right now. Lots of tension. Be careful what you say around strangers.


Winter in Michigan. You either ice-fish, or join a militia. Cult. Whatever.



Hillary continues to roll over the country picking up electoral voters and states. She can’t


Yes, the election is mine to lose. I’ll do my best. To win, I mean!

coast to a win, she has to work for this one, but in the end, she will probably triumph. The chemistry is, to some extent, working now. Stop making America whole, and don’t dig yourself one. The FBI may do that for you, and that will put a lot in jeopardy, including the Supreme Court. Your enemies are in crisis mode. Don’t give them any ammunition, because they will use it.

Hillary’s real problem is uniting the Sanders crowd after the nomination. The voters are not coming out in droves, and that is not good for the general election. Turnout may determine whether a candidate like Ted Cruz, who may be certifiable, runs this country for four years. Heaven help us.