Clinton Haters – Obama Haters

Recognize the playbook? The Clinton Haters may have taken a back seat, but in this new age, Obama haters are taking up the cause. But with gusto. Billionaires and news networks now do the work that in the past was left to bit players in Arkansas. We’ve grown up. Hate is big business.

They were called “The Clinton Crazies.” It was the 1990s and while the rest of the nation seemed to bask in an era of nearly unprecedented peace and prosperity, they saw all manner of dark deeds emanating from the White House. To them, Bill Clinton, enabled by his wife, was a serial rapist, a drug-runner, a closet racist, a cocaine addict, someone who ordered the murder of close friends and aides.

via These Clinton Haters Can’t Quit the Crazy – The Daily Beast.