CNBC Won The Debate

CNBC is being called out for the job they did moderating last night’s debate. We believe they should be given a medal. For once, canned answers that meant nothing did not cut it. And that is the way all debates should be.

Is Becky Quick a nasty little witch? No, she is, like the other moderators, a numbers person, and numbers people do not tolerate answers that are wrong. It was pure business journalism when she looked up a disputed fact on the internet during a break. Quick, John Harwood, and Carl Quintanilla are veteran business journalists who have been at this a long time. They came into this debate ready to challenge bogus promises by candidates who say little else.

Is Becky Quick a pawn of the liberal media? Hardly. Interviews on the network indicate that she doesn’t tolerate bullshit from anyone. She is a hard-hitting journalist who calls you out when you’re wrong. Don’t we need that in this relentless storm of poo-filled answers by candidates who know the answers are wrong? Flat taxes that hurt the poor. Promising to balance the budget with no tax increases. Health savings accounts. All pipe-dreams. Last night, those dreams were not allowed by the moderators. Good.

In a perfect world, this team would moderate a Democratic debate, and set the tone for all debates in the future. They did their homework, and never tossed a softball, and that is good for the country.