Common Sense Gun Laws

Common sense gun laws are a no-brainer.

  • Register all firearms. No, the government will not use this to confiscate your guns. With over 300 million guns in America, it would not even be remotely possible. And don’t spout any bullshit about your protecting yourself from tyranny. This is a republic. You are the government, and if your idea of being an American is living in a spider-hole with your guns in fear of Uncle Sam, you probably need to consider moving. And therapy.
  • Require RFID’s on all firearms. You have three years to register and RFID your gun. After that, any gun found un-registered will be confiscated. You can buy all the guns you want, but you must register them.
  • Require a valid ID for ammunition purchases. It won’t stop the terrorist or lunatics. It will make police aware of who is buying guns and ammunition.
  • Require insurance on all firearms. We have to insure and register cars in order to take them out in public. Guns cause as many deaths as cars.
  • Tax firearms as personal property. A no-brainer. Those funds will used to support emergency rooms that care for gun shot victims.
  • Require semi-annual gun certification. Police have to certify. Citizens should also.

In other words, treat guns like any other dangerous object.

None of these infringe on your right to bear arms. They make it safer for citizens to walk the streets. The bizarre notion of all American citizens in flack jackets with sidearms is really sick. We do not want to become that nation.