Congress Works To Avoid Shutdown

Whose side are you on?

Only one party controls Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court, but you wouldn’t know it to hear them bitching about each other.

President demands wall or no healthcare

The failure of the Hundred Day Agenda does not seem to bother Donald Trump. As the budget deadline approaches, he wants his wall. The one Mexico will pay for. After Congress funds it. One estimate is 70 Billion. For that kind of money, we could adopt Mexico. Donald Trump is threatening Obamacare unless the wall gets built. Does he have money in a wall manufacturer? Would he defund millions of people’s  healthcare just to get his way?

Filthy Forty demand full control of Congress

The Tea Party wants what they want, and what they want is complete control of Congress. Pushing their own people off healthcare and eventually Social Security is no matter. Ideological wars are like that.

RyanCare looks worse than ever

Paul Ryan created the Edsel of healthcare, and  is looking increasingly lost. He is now hustling yet another version of healthcare we can all agree on. It sucks. But cutting you out of healthcare means money to build the President’s wall. Our advice is to invest in emergency rooms. Gonna be big.

The Democrats are the problem

If the Democrats would work like real Americans, none of this would be happening. Barack Obama and the Dark Government are really in control. Donald Trump keeps mentioning all the powers that are out to get him. To our astonishment, his faithful believe him. Mitch McConnell stalled every idea Barack Obama had for eight long years. What hypocrisy. The entire government is now in the hands of the Republicans, and it remains as dysfunctional as it ever was. I guess Barack Obama was not the problem after all.