Congressional Concealed Carry Will Solve Gun Violence

You can carry your weapon in checked baggage, and take it through any airport in the country.

After all, hunters are people too, and they like to go on vacation, and take their guns, and kill something. Ask Donald Trump Jr. He and Eric get their jollies by killing animals far more attractive than they have ever been. And they consider this a sport.

But you cannot bring a gun into your state capitol

The gun lobby is hell-bent on letting people carry guns anywhere they wish, but walk into any state or municipal building in the country, and you have to pass a metal detector. Which is odd, because state legislatures have done the most to promote a guns-anywhere lifestyle. From Stand Your Ground to Concealed Carry, states across the nation are making the Second Amendment the most important amendment of all. Lie, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness be damned. Our guns are more important.

You cannot take your gun into the halls of Congress

Congress is complicit in this travesty. A room full of school children die weeks before Christmas, and they are seemingly unmoved by the tragedy. The sit firmly in the pocket of the gun lobby and insist that they are defending the Constitution. Perhaps there is no stand more vile than this. This is cowardice in the face of a threat to our way of life.

You cannot take your gun into the White House

Why not? The new occupant has told the nation he is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. Guns are alright with him, and with the people who got him elected. He should be the first to allow guns into his new home.

You cannot take your gun into the Supreme Court

The strict constitutionalists currently on the bench interpreted the Second Amendment even when the precedent was clear fifty years ago. The Second Amendment was understood to be once sentence, and did not give unabridged the right to bear every firearm, in any place, at any time. In a time when we were small colonies of people facing Indian uprisings, and British invasions, it made sense to assure that these isolated groups could form militias to defend their towns.

It is time for our leaders to worry the same way we do

We can solve this very easily. Make Concealed Carry a right in any government institution. Let our leaders worry about when the next visitor to the People’s House will become infamous. Let the Supreme Court understand intimately the impact of interpreting the Constitution incorrectly.  Let the new occupant of the White House wonder which group of tourists harbors a dangerous lunatic.

If your leaders have to go every time they declare war, wars will end. If they have to look over their shoulders every time they come together to do the people’s business, perhaps they will do it better.