Conservatives, Liberals, and Evil

Salon found this paper. For years I wondered why very bright people assess the  same situation and come away with completely different conclusions. Why does George Will think like George Will and not like Paul Krugman?

Some research has been done on how structure affects how a child is reared. If you were given all your toys and allowed to destroy your room, or if you were given one toy, and told you would not be allowed another for the afternoon if your room was dirty.

In human-speak, does structure build organized, single-focus high performers, and non-structure build creative, disorganized low performers? It is not that simple, by a long shot, but something in our development forms the basis by which we percieve  our world.

Conservatives are not evil fascists, and Liberals are not evil communists. The middle? Who knows what those bastards are about. :-)

“The core ideology of conservatism stresses resistance to change and justification of inequality and is motivated by needs that vary situationally and dispositionally to manage uncertainty and threat,”

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One comment on “Conservatives, Liberals, and Evil

  1. JK (@Governmenthawk) May 4, 2014 11:56 am

    I love how you use Salon, a Progressive thought based blog, to bash Conservatism. You want the reader to think it is an unbiased conversation will you childishly bash the kid with all the toys. That child shouldn’t be allowed to have all the toys right? They should give some of their toys to the less fortunate. The core ideology of a Conservative is not the resistance to change according to the also Progressive blog wiki. A Conservative is just that, conservative in its actions. In politics that would indicate small calculated movements to achieve an end. A liberal uses emotion and Social Progress to achieve an end. Libs want BIG government and the boundary extension of the role of the Constitution where a Conservative uses the Constitution as the boundary line or RULE to restrict the movement of government.
    Good luck understanding manipulator of words.