Contraception Is Real Abortion Insurance

Michigan’s attempt to restrict abortions will only cause suffering for women.

“The citizens’ initiative approved 62-47 by the House and 27-11 in the Senate — almost entirely along party lines — will become law in March without the signature of Republican Gov. Rick Snyder, who vetoed similar legislation a year ago. The anti-abortion group Right to Life collected more than 300,000 signatures to put the legislation before lawmakers, who also had the option of letting it go to a statewide vote next November.”

You will never end abortion. It has been happening since before Jesus walked this earth.

You can educate women at an early age to understand contraception, and reduce the number of women forced to seek abortions.

Or you can force abortion into the shadows, where women get abortions in back alleys, and risk their lives in the process.

Those women are our daughters.

This law is not an assault on abortion.

It is an assault on women.

via Michigan Puts Restrictions on Abortion Insurance – ABC News.