Corker Exits; Moore Enters

Corker Exits

Funny how they all say that serving as your representative in Washington has been ‘the greatest privilege of my life.’ Then they haul ass. The Tennessee fiscal conservative was increasingly disturbed by the tone and direction in Washington.
Corker is a solid anti-environmentalist. Basically, if it’s good for Mother Earth, it sucks for Bob Corker. The same for regulating finance. He helped create Dodd-Frank, and then voted against it. He thinks background checks for gun buyers is a bad idea too.

Moore Enters

Moore believes that same-sex marriages are a bad idea, and he lost a judgeship over it. He also made a name for himself by putting up the Ten Commandments in courtrooms. He initiated prayers before court. That pissed the ACLU off, and they sued him, making him the closest thing to hero Alabama has off the football field. He has stated in the past that homosexuality should be a crime, and that they should be punished. He once suggested that the attack on the World Trade Center was the result of our turning away from God. He installed a two ton granite monument on the grounds of the Alabama Supreme Court. He believes that the US Laws are based on Judeo-Christian moral law. The ACLU sued him again. The Southern Poverty Law Center did too. Moore lost, and was told to take the monument down. He refused the court order. He was removed from office. He ran again, and won again.

Bob Corker is a Republican, who does Republican things. Roy Moore is a religious lunatic, about to bring his brand of populist lunacy to Washington. Having two populists running around DC is probably not a good idea. We need less distraction from the business at hand. We do not see Roy Moore acting any differently than he has acted for the past many decades. So long Senator Corker. I guess we will miss you after all.