Is Ted Cruz our new Curtis LeMay?

Is Ted Cruz our Curtis LeMay?

If Ted Cruz is the Curtis LeMay of our time, we have learned nothing about ISIS, or counterinsurgency, or the middle east. Curtis LeMay helped us win WWII by employing a most horrific of all tactics; kill them all, and let God sort them out. It worked in cities like Dresden, and even better in cities like Nagasaki. But those wars had fixed battle lines. In Viet Nam, the bombs fell too, but the result was quite different. Insurgencies disperse when you attack them. Ideas do the same, and in the middle east, we are fighting an idea.

Bomb them back into the stone age!

Stone-age thinking to be sure. The likes of Ted Cruz are playing on the emotions of an angry American people. and playing right into the hands of ISIS. Muslims across the world are in a battle for the soul of Islam. We cannot conceive of a more rewarding gift to ISIS than to turn a city of people trapped in a wretched situation into victims of populist madness. Carpet bombing will work in Al-Raqqah, but we will be paying for our success for generations to come. The world of Islam is watching what we do next.

Give much credit to George W. Bush. He took the right path in response to 9-11. He calmed the waters, because he knew that mob-justice would only hurt the innocent, and there are many innocent Muslims who are quite distraught by the tone of the rhetoric coming out of the mouths of a filthy few politicians who are using anger to get votes. When you have no ideas, you use fear.

Is Ted Cruz is the Curtis LeMay of our time? We are not sure what Ted Cruz is, but he is certainly not on the right path in dealing with ISIS. ISIS welcomes carpet bombings. ISIS is an idea, a twisted one to be sure, but an still an idea, and the best way to turn that idea into a reality is to nurture it across the two billion Muslims in the world who are struggling to find a direction. Ted Cruz’s tactic to destroy ISIS is the best thing the leaders of this cult could hope for. You cannot bomb an idea back into the stone age. It will flourish if you try.


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