Dark ads, but with a difference

The race is coming down to the wire, and both horses appear to be able to win. In a situation like this, there is only one thing to do; go dark. However, there is a subtle difference in the message

Donald Trump’s ads paint Hillary Clinton as the most evil, corrupt human being that ever drew a breath. He states that she is under investigation, that the Clinton Foundation is just a slush fund for her to promote the Clinton evil empire of America-hating foreigners, and that her emails have basically sunk the intelligence community. This pariah, whose most trusted ally has a foreign-sounding name, and a husband who is a practicing pervert, is basically in this race to destroy America.

All of the things that Donald Trump says are mostly nonsense, or just outright lies. The facts that he states are mostly Briebart concoctions. The polls he says that show he is winning are mostly heavily biased in his favor. But there are many people in America who have bought into the Trump promise. Make no doubt about it. This man is a supremely gifted salesman, especially when he is selling his most favorite product; himself.

Hillary Clinton’s ads do not attack Donald Trump. They let the words of the candidate spread her message. In his own voice, the candidate maligns women, Latinos, and the handicapped. He likes war. He judges people on personal appearance. He is unfit to be the President. He has neither the temperament or the experience. That is the message the Clinton campaign is trying to tell voters.

That is the subtle difference in the final message of both candidates. Donald Trump attacks Hillary Clinton in his own words. Hillary Clinton lets Donald Trump attack himself. Will any of these commercials make a difference? Everyone acknowledges that there are few undecided voters left. Many people have already decided and cast a vote. The polls show Hillary commanding a slight lead, but never underestimate the frustration of the voter. Or the power of a candidate like Donald Trump. He will promise anything to get elected. He will malign anyone. The TV ads say it all.