On Dead Guests, And Ratings



How many Americans believe in an afterlife? Many.  How many believe in Liz Hasselbeck? Hopefully less, after a creepy interview on Fox and Friends with the mother who wrote a book on conversations with her deceased son.


Is this a dip in the news cycle? You can only bitch about Barack Obama so much. Then your base becomes numb. What to do? Easy. Bring out your dead. And shoot the producer.

He’s probably with us now, so congratulations on having the first dead guest on your show. – Elise Medhus

Not by a long shot. Have you seen Charles Krauthammer?

It’s not that the story is irrelevant news. This woman wrote a book about conversations with her son. And her medium. Mediums are nonsense. How about an astrologer next, telling the viewers to stock up on canned food and shotguns to combat Obama?  Somewhere in the bowels of New York, a Fox news producer is thinking hard.