Debate Winners, Debate Losers

The debate was a waste of two hours of your life. It was mostly hijinks and the candidates screaming at each other. The format sucked, as usual. We did not get to know anything about the candidates. Their nonsensical ideas were rarely challenged by the gutted moderators. It was the worst of times, and it was the worst of times. Who won? Here is a list.


Mostly a winner, except for Rand Paul, who asked the all-important question; who’s gonna pay for it? But fear, uncertainty, and dread took over. One caveat. Audience shots showed a lot of people not applauding for more wasted money at the DOD.


A mixed bag. Deporting 11 million people is ridiculous, and that drew some applause. The Donald saying we have to do it drew some more. The losers are the immigrants.


The big loser of the night. No one knows how to get out of debt. Everyone wants to spend more on the military. Every big idea the candidates announce is also a big expenditure. The losers are the old and poor, but you cannot cut enough out of those programs to make any difference.


The losers are the poor. A flat tax will only hurt them. No one is going to cut sugar subsidies, or farms, energy, banking, and God only knows how many others. So this crowd will resort to cutting earned income tax credits, while the states try to make sales tax the only source of income. The rich win.


Lots of big talk, but the answers were short on any substance. More hair-brained trickle-down nonsense. Bring all the jobs back was a big draw. The only problem is you can’t unless workers are willing to be paid a dollar an hour and no benefits. We won’t make TV’s in the US again unless the cost of a gallon of gas is fifty dollars, and it becomes too expensive to ship them here.

Who won? Certainly not you. Once again we reiterate that the audience shots did not show a unity of purpose. A lot of folks sat on their hands. We think the lack of substance is beginning to take its toll on the viewers. And perhaps the lack of a good candidate.