Debt Ceiling Hinges On, Yep, Vaginas!

We couldn’t make this up, even if they do have the likes of Louie Gohmert and Michele Bachmann on their team. But add Chris Stewart, R-Utah, and  that zany House of Representatives comes up with one final insult to all the people out of work for two weeks. You see, this fight was not just about fiscal sanity, or even healthcare. This was also a fight against the pernicious use of the va-jay-jay.

We all know that women are the devil’s playground, and that the fall of man can only be attributed to a woman. Men need to be ever on-guard against the lure of the, well, you know.

But several Republican legislators said there was another provision they wanted included in the legislation: a so-called“conscience clause” that would exempt employers (citing religious objections) from having to provide coverage for birth control as part of the health care plans they offer employees.

You may also know Chris from his previous life as a writer of end-times novels, where decent folk all go to heaven one day, leaving the world to the flesh and the devil. It can’t happen soon enough.



Daily Digest – October 16: The Debt Ceiling Fight Over Birth Control | Next New Deal.