Did Ben Carson Ride A Dinosaur To Med School?

Probably. He did everything else, according to his bio. And now he is taking heat for his bizarre notions, and storied life. Social media is awash with examples of grain storage facilities across the globe, while Willie Westmoreland’s Daytimer is being scrutinized for any hint that he and Carson may have met. There does not appear to be any record of that. The calendar does seem to indicate he was not there on that day.

And all those creepy mummies that came out of the pyramids, and the fact that these were pretty enormous grain facilities that were not designed to hold much grain, are facts that don’t seem to bother the candidate.  But let’s face it, everyone has had a crazy idea every now and then. Ancient astronauts. Bigfoot. Supply-side economics. But when the hits keep coming, and the bio begins to look like a complete fabrication, here is what the candidate needs to say:

“In an effort to write an inspirational tome that would encourage young black men to become all they could be, I wrote a fictional account of my life. I realize now that while my intentions were good, this was a bad idea, and I regret that I embellished the events in my personal life in order to accomplish this noble motive.”

Which sounds a lot better than:

“My megalomania makes Donald Trump look like a Benedictine Monk. Some of my ideas about Biblical times and creation definitely make me certifiable, but on the other hand, the voters I appeal to feel the same way. So there, you secular progressive fact-checking assholes.”

Over seventy percent of Americans believe in angels. Three out of every four people in this country believe that ghosts and ethereal beings are real. The remaining secular assholes, all presumably journalists, are in the minority. And if you want to really go there, google ‘joseph and the pyramids’. You are presented with a list of sites that posit just what Ben Carson said he believes. The capacity of the American people to believe the way Ben Carson believes is broad and deep. We secular progressives better remember that. Now, get on your dinosaur and go harass someone else.