Disapproval and Donald

It took a sum total of eight days for Donald Trump to see his approval ratings fall. Gallup sees his disapproval at over fifty percent. It took Barack Obama over 900 days. Bush I and Bush II topped the list with over 1200 hundred days. Read my lips. The Trump presidency is already in shambles, and we are only into the second week.

Which is why the adminstration is grousing about low turnout on the Mall for the inauguration, and all the women who showed up the next day to protest him. It’s why losing to popular vote is such a sore point for Donald Trump. Being adored and admired is the key to his own self-image. A narcissist needs the adoration of others.

And that is also why the Roy Cohn attacks on the media are so pronounced. It can never, ever be the fault of Donald Trump that people don’t like him. There must be enemies to blame, and who more convenient than the ones who dispute his every claim, who throw his own words back in his face, and who have been taunting him for the last year on the campaign trail. A man who has no faults has to have enemies. If you do not worship me, you are my enemy. If you do not agree with me, you must be wrong.