Donald Trump – Anger, Not Answers

Listening to Donald Trump is a cathartic experience, especially so in light of the problems this country faces. No wonder he rides so high in the polls. But while Trump is quick to bring up what is scaring Americans, he is woefully short on real answers. In fact, he never mentions solutions.

Trump sounds off like he is in one of those eighties terrorist movies, where the good guys just roll up and empty clips, and the bad guys just stand there and take it. It is a fantasy about American power against an easy opponent. It is Grenada and Panama. Open up a can of Donald Trump whip-ass and solve the problem in five minutes.

On the stump Donald Trump flits from topic to topic, as if he were in a conversation at a lunch counter with a bunch of guys who only read the sports page. And that is his audience, of sorts, spoon-fed a position courtesy of Fox news, Drudge, and Breitbart. ‘How about this trade deficit?’ says Trump, as he tells his audience how tough he would be with China on our trade imbalance.

I assume we are all going to quit wiping after bowel movements, because we aren’t going to make toilet paper in America again. Or televisions. We cannot compete with the low wages anyone in China is gladly willing to accept for a days work. We can’t. 

Trump’s answers to our country’s problems are simplistic and easy to accomplish. Except that they aren’t. From the Trump Wall that will not keep anyone out, to an impossible ban on all Muslim’s coming into the country, these aren’t answers. These are pie-in-the-sky dreams that cater to folks who don’t think much, and dream of once again living in the America of the fifties. This is politics for those who wish upon a star.

Americans love the easy fix. They want it now, and it better not hurt. Without having to present any real answers, Donald Trump is giving us just that. Dreams. Real solutions are much more difficult. Building an economy that can compete will take decades. Defeating ISIS will take just as long. Fixing immigration means fixing the countries immigrants are escaping. There are no easy fixes in the real world, which is why so many people want to live in Donald’s.