Donald Trump Gets Mean

Is Mean Donald the only Donald?

If you did not know that Donald Trump was a mean, contemptible person, his attacks on a Univision reporter should have opened your eyes. Donald’s argument that the man was screaming during a press conference was all crap. He got up to ask very sensible questions about the nonsense that Trump calls his immigration stance. Trump would have never recognized him had he not.

Be prepared for more of this. Donald Trump is a loose cannon who now believes that the more outrageous he gets, the more popular he becomes. To the very worst segment of the GOP, he is absolutely correct.

The George Wallace of our Time?

Hillary should be sending Donald Trump money. This is the most disgusting display of bad ideas ever on a campaign trail. At least since George Wallace. Jorge Ramos called him out on the ridiculous idea of sending eleven million people out of the country. Seems like someone should have already done that.

Gentlemen of the Press?

The press did not stand up in rebellion against the lousy treatment of Jorge Ramos. There was no hue and cry. Even the subsequent questions were very tempered. Did they sit there, afraid that they would be next? Are they really that gutless? Yes, and stuck. Donald Trump is the only candidate worth watching, and you can only do that if you don’t piss him off.

Yes, journalism is dead.