Donald Wins Nevada

Donald Trump wins Nevada

The GOP grapples with the candidate no one in the mainstream ever expected to last a month. That candidate, Donald Trump, has now won three in a row. Meanwhile, the darlings of party fumble around like two-peckered dogs, unable to get any traction, unable to challenge the leader, unable to do anything but languish in second.

Why are we so astonished?

A B-movie actor has been the spiritual leader of the GOP for almost forty years now. Why is the GOP so astonished that a reality television star is now uniting the party in ways no one ever expected?

The most outrageous always win

Consider Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond, men who dominated politics for decades. They were rabid conservatives, segregationists, and worse. No one even challenged them in political races. They were unbeatable. The most outrageous of the GOP are solidly supported by the party faithful. They always win. Pandering to the base works.

Moderation, hell

Which is why moderates are becoming extinct. The base wants fighters, not joiners. Sadly, the country needs people who will work across the aisle in congress, and a president that can work with them. That is not going to happen. Moderation is for weenies. The right wants a revolution.

It’s now a revolution

At one time the GOP might have been able to kill this baby in its cradle. Not anymore. The Trump campaign is becoming a revolution of sorts. People who are under-employed, worried about their future and the future of their kids, afraid of the changing face of the US, or just plain worried, are looking for big changes. Donald cannot deliver them, but he can promise the moon, and that seems to be good enough for many.