Don’t adjust your pc…

The smell coming from your computer is real.

Ted Nugent

No, he didn’t crap his pants; that smell is coming from his mouth. He is apologizing for saying disgusting things about the president, while vigorously endorsing Gregg Abott for governor of Texas. It seems calling Barack Obama a sub-human mongrel was too over-the-top even for a Texan.  Abbott leads the race, and Ted Nugent may not impact the result.


Sarah Palin 

Yes, the smell is coming from your TV too, as the Wasilla Thrilla tries her hand once again at conservative-based reality TV. Like shale oil, this vast, untapped reservoir of stupid is sure to be delighted. Duck Dynasty was just the beginning. Fox Reality didn’t die, it was renamed Nat Geo. The entertainment division cranks out crap and makes money, I guess.  Sarah is as determined as the Kardashians to remain in the public eye. She’s just not as good at it, like her kids.

Amazing America

Surfer Jesus

It does not matter that most of the people in the levant were short, brown-skinned, and had bad teeth. ‘Son of God’ looks like he just walked out of the Mavericks, all buff and hunky.  FoxNews is already all over it, interviews have already begun, as the right begins to hype this one up.  This one came out of 20th Century Fox, and we are sure to hearing about it for months, including attacks on the movie industry for not showing it in more theaters, no matter how many show this one.

Son of Jesus

Canadians Cheat

We knew our brothers from the north were heartless, but the crying faces of the girls hockey team just confirmed how mean they can be. Vicious maple leafers savaged those poor girls, and then, adding insult to injury, bullied their way into a gold challenge by beating our boys. I think we should ignore Syria, and pay more attention to our closest neighbor. Eh?

Canada beats America