“Don’t Worry, They’ll Blink”

Both sides believe this. They are waiting for the other side to cave. The problem is, there is no win in doing the right thing.

Courtesy firstread.msnbc.com


Boehner knows what happened when the last speaker blinked. Newt didn’t do so well. In fact, a lot of his power evaporated. Boehner doesn’t have that much power to begin with. Why should he surrender? No win there.

Obama knows what happened when he caved on the last negotiations. The left hammered him. He may have hurt the chances of a faster recovery.  The right acted like strutting asses for months. Barack Obama is a lame duck president who risks spending his final two years in office as a figure-head if he caves. No win there.

The Tea Party cannot blink. They will be replaced by the hard right if they do.  Jim DeMint could teach Stalin a few things about loyalty. Step out of line and you are back selling shoes in your home town. That’s worse than a bullet to the head. No win there.

Reid knows what Boehner knows. Blink and you die. And he can, in this instance, do what Boehner cannot. He can win a vote. Why would he cave? No win there.

So America sits. It just closes down. In China and Viet Nam, the factories are humming, the infrastructure is growing, the competition is gaining leverage. We just sit. No win there, either.