One Big Duggar Mega Family

Somewhere on the fringe is a movement known as the Quiverfull, a christian-based movement that stresses, among other things, large families. Exceedingly large. Mega-families. But the rise in popularity of these mega-families needs to be considered. It looks good on TV. But ‘go forth and multiply’ usually needs to be balanced with a little ‘moderation in all things.’
Fox news is devoting time to this issue with clips from the movie ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’, a comedy that makes having a dozen kids look like a laugh riot. This is ridiculous. Life is not a sit-com. Attending to the emotional and physical needs of a dozen children is not comedy. Is the reality more like Nadya Suleman, a single mom with financial issues, reduced to working in strip clubs, and accused of welfare fraud? Probably not, but the financial stress on large families has to be enormous.
A family of four is tough enough to manage. A family of twenty has to be incredibly difficult. The Duggars may be able to pull this off. Their faith and values may help. But statistically, mega-families face a big challenge. No, a large family does not make anyone a sexual predator. It does force parents to spend less time with their children. And that is the problem.
Hillary Clinton is right; it takes a village to raise a child, but we abandoned villages for the virtual villages of the internet, and that village is not succeeding in this respect. You can have ten kids in a real village, where every parent is also your parent, but not in the culture that we have created to replace those villages. In the crowd of the virtual village, kids are isolated. With a dozen kids, parents are overwhelmed.