Everyone Loves Donald Trump.

Hispanics Love Me!

Everyone loves the Donald. Not really. Every clown car has an angry clown, and Donald Trump is that clown in the GOP car. A car which is full to overflowing, by the way. Include Donald’s ego, and it must be pretty cramped in there. But I digress. Some Hispanics may like Donald, some may tell him what he wants to hear, and that may be enough for the Donald, but it certainly does not imply that the latino world is gaga over Donald Trump. Not by a long shot.

I Love Me Too!

The Donald thinks everyone loves him, because he is so much in love with himself. It is called narcissistic personality disorder. In essence, you love the sound of your own voice so much you listen to nothing else. He cannot conceive of anyone thinking less of Donald Trump than Donald Trump thinks of Donald Trump.

It must be true that money cannot buy happiness. We are witnessing in the Donald an enlarged ego admiring itself on a national stage.  And what of the egos of the fourteen others in the clown car? Give it time. We’ve haven’t begun yet.