Fearless Leaders – Jack Kingston

  • kingston1Job: Congressman, Georgia 1st since 1993
  • Education:  BA from Univ of Georgia
  • Experience: He sold insurance, and some farming shit
  • Creep Factor: 9 out of 10

Jack just increased his creepy factor by one notch, saying poor kids should sweep floors for their free lunches at school, to teach them that you have work for what you get in life. There’s nothing quite as disgusting as stigmatizing a poor child in front of his peers in a place whose sole purpose is to provide an education that will hopefully make that child a productive and educated member of society.


  • Free lunches?
  • Obamacare


  • Pipelines
  • Deregulation of pipelines, and lots of other things

Jack hasn’t really distinguished himself until his recent new low. Not much breadth in his congressional career.  Been a bit of a non-performer. He voted against the Ryan-Murray budget deal.

Maybe there are lots of pipelines running through Georgia, or maybe all the cool legislation had been taken.


Here is a weird one; he does not want ground monitoring stations in America that would track the space station because the Russians would be able to access the information. Too many Tom Clancy novels?