Fearless Leaders – Jeb Hensarling


  • Job – Representative Texas 5th for 10 yearszilch-hensarling jhensarling
  • Education – Economics, Law
  • Mentor – Phil Gramm, eeew!
  • Claim to Fame – House Finance Svcs Cmmte Chairman
  • Creep Factor – 7 out of 10



Family, Faith, Free Enterprise, and Freedom

Jeb is the spawn of Phil Gramm, a conservative nasty emeritus. He is considered a rising star, or rising slime, depending on your perspective. Banking, Insurance, Investment houses, all support him. Far right. He’s fiscally passioned. Balanced budgets, on the backs of you-know-who. Free Enterprise is big, meaning regulation is worse than incest. And of course, freedom, which in Texas means ‘make government go away’.


  • Obamacare
  • pro-choice
  • stem cells
  • same-sex anything
  • hate crimes legislation
  • flag-burners


  • free trade zealotry
  • Patriot Act freak
  • Tax-payer Bill of Rights, or end the IRS
  • guns