Fewer than 1/4th of Republicans Support Electing More Women?

Why are women held in such low esteem by Republicans? It does not make sense. Even more bizarre, Republican women do not seem to be supportive of electing more women. We need more polls on this subject. Is this a Bachmann backlash? The Pelosi factor? After three years of Boehner, Cantor, and Cruz, you would think women would be coming to Washington in droves.  With women like Elizabeth Warren fighting for consumers, it does not make sense not to be in favor of more women in Washington.

Is this a Hillary Clinton thing?

The results of the poll predictably found that Democratic women were most in favor of electing women to Congress (69 percent) followed by Democratic men (54 percent).

On the contrary, only 24 percent of Republican women and 22 percent of GOP men viewed women in Congress as a good thing.

via Fewer than 1/4th of Republicans Support Electing More Women to Congress | Alternet.