Fighting For Family Values – Kinda

The scourge of single moms

What does a single mom need more than anything else to raise a child? A job, of course.  But certain gentlemen in Congress believe that it is the right of business to fire an employee based on their personal life-choices. Would that not lead them into the welfare-moocher-taker lifestyle that conservatives speak of non-stop? Of course, so they can heap more blame on them.

Legislating life-choices

Does the right to free speech include the right to discriminate? Can you fire a person for their lifestyle? For what they say? The Supreme Court has only addressed the edges of this debate. They are squeamish about rushing head-long into what is clearly a complicated issue. Not the boneheads in Congress. Specifically, these boneheads:

  • Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho)
  • Rep. Bill Flores (R-Texas)
  • Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah)

They have proposed a law that would allow an employer to fire an employee based on their life-choices. If you thought the marriage-cake war was an embarrassment, here comes a real assault on the new definition of family.

Fighting for families – kinda

Family values matter. But the concept of family is changing, and that angers certain conservatives, who are attempting to lash out against the new family. Their answer to the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage is to make things harder on the people who do not fit into their idea of what makes a family. The First Amendment Defense Act is a mean-spirited lie, designed for people who hate. It defends nothing, and offends our sense of fair play.


H.R. 2802: First Amendment Defense Act