Forget Prisoner Exchanges: Iraq is Falling

Sunni militants are moving south from Mosul in Iraq, and will soon threaten Baghdad. The military does not seem to be putting up a fight. Many are deserting their posts before the militants even arrive.

Iran and Syria

Any foreign policy initiative by the US in the Middle East is now under threat. Iran has skillfully played the Sunni and Shiite population in Iraq, and may soon extend their power across a wide crescent of the Middle East, all the way to the levant. And they really did not have much to do. The Arab spring played into their hands.


Turkey is deeply involved. A consulate has been overrun, and hostages have been taken. High level talks are underway to determine the response. Turkey is increasingly involved in the destabilization that is Iraq, and the war in Syria. The Kurds are on their border, and want a homeland.  Refugees are filling the borders.


Iraq was once a buffer that kept Iran from extending its reach across the Middle East. We destroyed that buffer. Controlling Iraq would make them the dominant player in the Middle East, and we have no diplomatic relations with them. Very bad.

So while we hold hearings about Benghazi’s and Bergdahl’s, other nations have their eyes on a prize that could be mark the beginning of a fundamental change in world power. In the good old days we would just march into the area and start making demands. Those days are gone. We need a new strategy. Soon.


After Capture of Mosul, Militants Extend Control in Iraq –