Freedom Fighters Are Scarce


“I expect that number to improve but you deserve to know the truth”  -Ashton Carter

Could the revolution be cancelled for lack of interest? We cannot seem to recruit freedom fighters to fight ISIS. The original plan was to train about five thousand. Strict vetting, combined with a general belief in the futility of the effort, have lowered the number of men interested in this fight to about sixty.

If freedom fighters are scarce, how is ISIS filling the ranks?  Something is wrong. If you think about it, the whole war in Syria is not well understood. We understand the fight between Shia and Sunnis even less. Yet hawks trying to run for president demand a plan.

Any plan to address ISIS and Syria needs a lot of thought. We are not on any winning side. Our allies are aloof. We are in bed with people we don’t understand. Barack Obama is being criticized for not moving quickly enough. But move where?