G19 Plus 1/2

Who punked whom?

The pundits are calling the Trump Euro-Tour a home-run. Well, the alt-right pundits. The rest of the press is saying that Vladimir Putin played Donald Trump like a cheap fiddle.
Just being in the room with the Donald was a hit for Vladimir Putin, and he thanked Donald Trump with a fresh Syrian cookie. Now Donald Trump can go home and tell everyone he really bargained Vlad’s pants off. And Putin can continue running roughshod over whatever we feel is good for the country.
Vlad won’t get his America dacha’s back, at least not in time for summer fun, like turning more officials, or just general hijinks. Not to worry, Vlad. Donny has your back, for three more years, at least.

Podesta, Podesta

Staying on message is very hard for Donald. We are not sure why. He is influenced by the most recent influence on him, and usually that is fake news by the likes of alt-right jackassery. On this visit he had John Podesta on his mind. Odd, considering most have forgotten him.

Even his handlers were caught unaware. John who? Where did he get that? Is he watching TV without supervision? Perhaps it was the strange bed. Or the fact that didn’t have one for a while. Someone forgot to get reservations.

Podesta fired back, and was pretty funny.

Thankfully, it is all over, and we are not at war with any NATO nation. For now.