Gates Gate

Great American Robert Gates spills his guts on the Obama administration in his latest book. The book is called ‘Duty’, perhaps because it leaves a lot of that on the White House rugs. Some highlights:

  • Obama takes credit for every success
  • Biden has never been right about foreign policy
  • Obama is uncomfortable with wars
  • Obama doesn’t trust the military
  • Biden hates the military

Gates is a solid Republican who often remarked glowingly about the Obama administration when he was in office. What changed?

Ike told America to guard against the growing power of the military-industrial complex, which has grown exponentially since Ike said that. A president who is wary of the military might be a very good thing.

What we have learned from the previous administration is that a president that uses the military at the drop of a hat can be a very bad thing, indeed. Seems like there should be a certain distance between defense and administration.