Good Jobs May Come, But Slowly

The good old jobs are gone forever.

The truth about manufacturing jobs in the US? Do you remember when the manufacturing sector started to shed jobs in 2008? Those jobs will never come back. It is sheer folly to hope that they will return. Other countries have workers with modest skill-sets that are more than happy to do those same jobs at a fraction of the cost that US workers were charging. Those jobs are gone.

Manufacturing jobs may return, but you won’t recognize them.

If good jobs do return to the US, they will not be the same jobs that created the robust working class of the fifties and sixties.  For one thing, there will be fewer of them. Manufacturing learned a lot about being efficient. The new jobs will require a more highly skilled workforce, one that is much more cost-effective, more adaptable, and one that can do specialized jobs that cannot be done in developing countries.

It’a going to take a lot longer than anyone has told you it would.

Politicians like to blow smoke about job creation, especially in this economy. The truth is, it may take decades before good manufacturing jobs return to the US.  It may take that long because we don’t have the trained workforce that can tackle new manufacturing sectors. We have to train them. We have to develop these new industries. We have to commit to a course that may be decades in the making, and the US has one dangerous flaw; they want immediate gratification. In this case, it may not be possible.

We don’t make that here.

There was a time when we made more television sets in the US than in any other country in the world. Now we don’t make any televisions, or  microwaves, or a hundred other products. That may not be a bad thing, if we are continually thinking up the next great idea, and making it here. And that is the problem. Presently, we are not. We think up a lot of good ideas. We don’t make them here.

The real future of U.S. manufacturing | The Edgy Optimist.