The GOP Fights; The Administration Stumbles

The GOP War?

It’s not a war, it’s a collection of misfits trying to present a coherent face. They are big-coal patsies, and bible-thumping lunatics, libertarian adolescents, and government-haters. They can’t stand each other. They cannot decide on what to do about the country, because opposition is not a plan. They are united in only one thing: they hate Barack Obama.

And they should. Despite the fact that he keeps dropping the political ball, he still out-plays them on the court. But only barely.

White House Stupid

The Lame Duck acts like this is year one. It’s not. This is the end. Obama should have figured out politics by now. He hasn’t. His own party is disgruntled about his performance. He makes sophomoric mistakes. There is no Bill Clinton Chutzpah. There is no LBJ gift-of-the-gab. The man is no politician, which undoes his every gain. He can swoosh. But in Washington, you also have to be able to dribble. The fact is, great ideas do not make great leaders. It takes a lot of talents. He cannot seem to muster them.

The Whole World is Watching

Aghast. We look like a nation of psychotics. No wonder everyone is afraid of us. Our leaders can’t do anything right. We shoot ourselves in the foot, then rather than bind our wounds, we reload. Our core strengths are eroding before our eyes: education,  innovation, economic strength. We are not controlling the situation, either here or abroad. Some of that is the fault of the President. Some is the fault of Congress. Most of the problem rests in our inability to come together, to unite with a single purpose. And while we squabble over useless things, the world moves on. Without us.