The GOP Pro-Choice Movement

Americans should have the right to choose. Light Bulbs. Vaccinations. Magazine capacity. And that is about it. This is the pro-choice GOP
So sayeth the crowd that knows not what to say, hemmed in on all sides by groups that have only one cause and hate everyone who does not share their one belief.
Michelle Bachmann fought against the tyranny of low-energy light-bulbs. Grover Norquist has the deficit hawks by the short hairs. But who will attract the tin-foil hat crowd who believe that vaccinations are some plot by the government to dumb down the country?
Remember flouridation? Precious bodily fluids? Denying women your essence? We have not come as far as we like to think. There are still folks out there that believe every wing-nut that comes up with a new conspiracy.
Vaccinations are good for the community. They are not an assault on your freedoms. Grow up.