GOP Penis Smackdown. Ooooh!

Qui es muy macho? Hillary!

It was a spectacle the first few times. Now it is embarrassing.  Three men acting like schoolyard phonies. Thank Donald Trump for taking the saddest spectacle in America to a low we never dreamed of reaching.

Size does matter.

Finally, the GOP conversation turned to something meaningful last night. Penis size. You knew it was coming. You wanted to hear about it. Who amongst the presidential hopefuls has the biggest schlong?

Little Pink Willies, all in a row.

Seems Rubio made some disparaging remarks about Trump’s tiny hands, and the old saying, ‘tiny hands, tiny willy’. Trump responded that his was perfectly fine. Thankfully the candidates did not pull them out to compare size, girth, and attractiveness. Actually, this would have been in keeping with the tone of the debate. Imagine Trump waving his at Megyn Kelly. (Rubio was incorrect in his initial slur; it’s small feet, small dingle.) Cruz was quiet during this exchange. That speaks for itself, we think.


GOP Candidates work the spin room after the debate.

If we wanted to hear an hour of people yelling over each other, this event was perfect. But we didn’t. These debates are mind-numbing. And without any value. Donald Trump has set the tone, and that will follow these debates as long as he is on the stage. That may be for the duration.

How will Hillary debate the Donald? She better start thinking about that, real hard. And who has the biggest penis in this race? We think perhaps Hillary.