Gotcha Lines

Reince Priebus has attacked NBC for ‘gotcha questions’ moderators delivered during the CNBC debate. Let’s look at some examples of gotcha questions vs. honest questions:

Gotcha – ‘I hear you have quit beating your wife. Do you beat your any dog more?

Honest – You say that cutting corporate taxes will generate more jobs. The OMB says you are smoking crack. What say you?

Gotcha – ‘Did you finally quit having sex with your sister?’

Honest – ‘Giving tax incentives to corporations does not seem to have any influence on creating jobs here in America. Why do you keep talking such jive bull?’

Gotcha – ‘When did you finally stop drinking?’

Honest- ‘Healthcare does not seem to be the pariah of freedom, rather, it seems to be a real solution. Why do you hate it when it seems to do so much for your constituents?

Reince can belly-ache about the honesty of the questions all he wants: he cannot complain that they were gotcha lines. His candidates have continued to repeat the same half-truths and out-and-out lies that we have heard since John McCain ran for president. That makes those positions fair game. The CNBC moderators called them out, and well they should.