The Grand Budget Scam

If everyone is so concerned about cutting the deficit, why is a grand bargain between Democrats and Republicans so elusive? Cause old people vote. And no one wants to pay taxes. So, was the fiscal budget solution a joke?

Ofays bring out their canes and walkers, and they get to the polling booths. They are hard to fool, and even harder to de-fund. If you ask them what they get from Social Security every month, they can tell you to the penny. So all the P90X training in the world won’t get Paul Ryan tough enough to withstand the palsied hand of a retiree pulling the voting lever after they realize they were screwed by a politician. Again.

Raise taxes, you ask? Grover Norquist has that one locked up tight. He’s convinced the other 47% that being robbed at gunpoint is about the same thing. His followers believe the government is out to screw them out of their hard-earned money. They rob the rich so the poor can lay around and do nothing, so Wall Street can steal with gay abandon, so teachers don’t have to teach, and judges don’t have to judge. Everyone in government is just sitting there, waiting on their next check.

It’s a question of motivation. Or getting your ass kicked out of office.

In the end, the grand bargain was a grand scam. Ryan and Murray just ignored the big issues to get the little ones done.  Now they can all go home.


“It’s a lot harder than you’d think to find Republicans who’d actually want to cut entitlements, or Democrats who want to raise taxes,”

via A Dirty Secret Lurks in the Struggle Over a Fiscal ‘Grand Bargain’ –