The Great Keystone Pipeline Non-Issue

A decision on approving the Keystone Pipeline has been delayed once again by the administration. Big whoop. Fox News will try to make this an issue, but the truth is this decision only affects producers, refiners and the people who live in the way of the pipe.

  • It does not create jobs.
  • It does not make us any more energy independent.
  • The companies constructing the pipe are not known for great work.
  • This is not light, sweet crude. It’s shit oil, and if it gets out of that pipe, it will cause a lot of environmental damage.
  • The people who live in the way of this pipe hate this idea.

Regardless of your objections:

  • Trucking or training this oil is far more environmentally dangerous.
  • This oil will not stay in the ground.
  • Exporting is good when you have a trade imbalance like ours.

By far, the worst part of this great debate is the impact of this pipe on the people who have to live near it. But that is not why we are having this discussion. We are fighting over Keystone because Big Oil and their pals in Washington stand to lose a lot of money if this project does not get approved. Like the guys in Big Coal, profit is the only motive. Not jobs, or energy independence, or real American freedom, or clean anything. This is Big Money fighting for  the bottom line. If we give this pipeline to them, they should be liable for every drop they spill.

And let’s stop talking about pipes, and start talking about how little these companies pay in taxes, the one thing no one in the energy industry wants to discuss.