Great Men in Government – Blake Farenthold

It’s hard to outshine Louie Gohmert, but Blake Farenthold does his best, and that ain’t bad. He says he is not entirely convinced that Barack Obama is legitimately the POTUS.

  • Incarnate Word Academy, then UT Austin, then St. Mary’s University School of Law
  • Texas congressman ( 27th district)  Won his seat by a margin of 799 votes after redistricting gave Republicans an edge
  • DJ, Talk Radio host, Lawyer, Businessman

Regulating the Insurance Industry is not high on Blake’s list.

“Today in my Washington office, I met with Texas representatives of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) from Victoria, Yoakum and Hondo to discuss the needs of local insurers and burdensome regulations currently hindering the industry.”


Understood, Blake, what we have done to the peace-loving insurance industry rivals whaling, and eating dogs.

Loves the energy industry.

“Energy production is crucial to creating jobs and bettering the economy. The energy industry has increased employment by 30% since 2008…”


Sadly, jobs with little or no benefits. But the gas station food stops are warm.

Notable contributors:

  • Border Health                      $10,000
  • Koch Industries                     $10,000
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield        $8,000



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