Gun Lovers

From BBC World

The gun craze in America is not unique. Gun lovers are everywhere. An article in BBC World describes the events that led up to the rise the gun culture in South Africa. It all sounds too familiar, and we learn a new phrase, “die swart gevaar”; the black threat. The threat is not black, or Muslim, or Christian. The threat is guns.

Illegal firearms have proliferated in poor communities, where the vast majority of gun-related deaths occur.

People often blame inner-city blacks for the crimes in places like Chicago, but the truth is much more complicated. Illegal guns flow into areas where crime is out of control. Out of control due to poverty and lack of economic solutions for the bottom rung, not the color of skin. It is the worst form of indignity. You create and un-livable situation, and then blame the people living there for the problem.

Lobby group Gun Free South Africa says that you are four times as likely to have your gun stolen from you than to use it in self-defence, based on research undertaken in 2000 and 2009.

The ridiculous notion that you can defend yourself with a gun is pure nonsense. Gun advocates always points out the rare instances when a person with a gun saves the day. It may happen once in a thousand times, but you cannot protect your home all day, every day. You have to sleep. And the chances are good that your gun will get stolen. Many do, and end up in  the hands of the very people you are trying to protect yourself from. Guns in the home kill a lot of innocent people, especially children.

Guns in America

Courtesy of HuffPo

It is not the terrorist shooter or madman that we need to fear. Guns kill about thirty people a day in the U.S.

Mental illness is often not the cause of these deaths. Crimes of passion, suicide, and accidents are  the cause. No one in Congress is talking about the real problem. Gun lovers don’t want to hear it. The real problem is guns.

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