Hannity And Gingrich Warn Trump Against Selecting Romney For Secretary Of State

Hannity And Gingrich Warn Trump Against Selecting Romney For Secretary Of State

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): I find myself agreeing with you, Mike Huckabee, Kellyanne [Conway] and others that I’ve talked to, and I was out and about over the weekend, I was off rarely for five straight days, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I talked to a lot of people. And people are just shocked about the idea about two things: that Donald Trump made comments that he doesn’t want to go after Hillary necessarily, and two, that he might pick Mitt Romney to be his Secretary of State. I just played the comments of Mitt Romney. I want to get your take on why you think it would be a bad idea. 

NEWT GINGRICH: Well let me just say, I think that if the president-elect really for some reason wants Romney, he simply needs to understand in advance that there is an enormous base that wanted to drain the swamp, and they see Romney as the swamp. They will not understand, — I mean he either has to decide is he willing to accept a very large part of his base being totally upset and feeling betrayed and alienated, or he’s got to figure out a pretty good explanation. I can’t quite imagine the introductory speech where President-elect Trump explains why Mitt Romney makes any sense as Secretary of State. So I think it’s an interesting situation. 

I don’t know why he’s letting it drag out the way it is. I gather they’re going to meet again tomorrow. And it is his prerogative as the president-elect to pick who he wants. But he should understand that folks who are speaking out, whether that’s Mike Huckabee or you or Kellyanne Conway or me, we’re only speaking out on behalf of an amazing number of people who come up to us and tell us that they — or who e-mail us and just say they cannot understand, and I think it would be a huge mistake to betray that base on behalf of somebody who — this is not like team of rivals. There was nobody in Lincoln’s cabinet who was a bitter unending opponent all the way through the general election. 


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Hannity And Gingrich Warn Trump Against Selecting Romney For Secretary Of State