Has Donald Trump Finally Jumped The Shark?

Has Donald Trump Finally Jumped The Shark? A lot of folks in the Republican party hope so. Reince Priebus certainly does. The RNC envisions no nightmare like that of Donald Trump accepting the nomination. Anyone who wants Republicans to win the presidential election should agree. The Trump phenomenon has sucked all the life out of the candidates who might have the barest chance of taking the center, and the presidency.

Ben Carson’s spectacular implosion was predicted. You cannot be a wing-nut and last through a grueling one-year campaign. Eventually someone finds you out, and you really cannot recover from that tail-spin. Republicans knew that would happen. They were sure Trump would implode long before now, but Trump is a old breed of showman that this country has always liked. He endures because the old and angry are pissed off, and scared. They think Washington is going to take this country down the tubes. They may be right, but Trump is not going to fix that problem. Or any other problem. A Trump presidency would end up more isolated than the Carter presidency.

That leaves the big three; Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush. Three men who should have realized that Trump and Carson were sprinters in a long-distance race. Only Cruz played it right, speaking ill of no one except Hillary. Jeb and Marco were too thin-skinned, too anxious to go for the bait that Donald Trump dangled before them. That is bad politics by bad campaign managers. Bad leaders make those mistakes. Does that leave Ted Cruz? A Cruz presidency would end up more isolated than a Trump one. Does Reince Priebus ever get to sleep?

Trump and Carson will make it to Iowa, and even South Carolina, but they will eventually burn out. At least, that is what Reince Priebus prays for when he goes to bed every night. And a lot of other Republicans too.

When Hillary Clinton says her prayers, it probably sounds a lot different.