Hillary Clinton Is In

Hillary Clinton Is In

Some said Roosevelt Island was too small, too remote, and inappropriate for a campaign beginning. Hillary pulled it off. The message had a little taste of progressive pie for everyone, because, as she said, she is running for all Americans. Does that include bankers and big business? Probably. The Clintons are so plugged in to the power in this country, it would be incredibly hard to fight them like Elizabeth Warren would.

That’s Entertainment

The event was a perfect example of the sort of showmanship that the Clinton’s have mastered. In spite of the fact that everyone knew months ago that she was running, the event was a celebration of all things Clintonian. And they pulled it off. The speech was grand. The crowds were happy. Even the sunny day  showed up. The GOP candidates should be muttering under their breaths. You have to hand it to the Clintons; they can sure put on a show.

But Can She Lead?

Yes, she is easily as competent as any candidate the right can throw at her.  Hillary is smarter than half the field of republicans currently running. She is crafty, and knows the job inside out.

That does not tell us what will happen if she wins. The Clintons are mixed blessing. Barack Obama is a measured, thoughtful leader. Some call this bad leadership, when in fact it is what we need. The Clintons can be cowboys. They have been known to shoot first, like W. There are more than a few people who would quickly grow weary of Clinton Eruptions in the White House. Her job on the campaign trail is to convince the voters that this time will be different.