Hillary ‘Killary’ Clinton

They call Hillary Clinton ‘Killary’.  It’s a perverse attempt to keep Benghazi alive, and in the political mix for 2016. Shades of Whitewater, the scandal that dragged on forever during Bill Clinton’s presidency, only to result in nothing, save the determination on both sides of the aisle never to appoint another special prosecutor.

When your candidates are uninspiring, and the other side has a winner, you are left with little to do but try to drag the opposition down. Little Marco Rubio says she represents the past, while trying to reverse the social progress that has been decades in the making, as if gay marriage will bring down the republic. Ted Cruz wants us all to enjoy health care we cannot afford, and that bankrupts a fair percentage of us. Rand Paul wants to take Social Security away, so we can enjoy poverty in our old age, after a lifetime of low wages and subsistence living. No wonder attacking Killary has become so popular. When all your ideas are unpopular, you have no choice.

Blaming Hillary Clinton for the embassy attack in Benghazi is like blaming the CEO of General Motors for your car accident. What is her motive? Why would she do it? No matter to the folks on Facebook and Twitter. This is their battle cry.  The candidate for President of the United States aided and abetted a mob that killed her own employees. It is absurd, and it keeps being repeated.

There is no smoking gun. They call Hillary Clinton Killary, because they are deathly afraid that in two years they may be calling her Madame President.

One comment on “Hillary ‘Killary’ Clinton

  1. Will Davis October 23, 2016 12:54 am

    kinda makes sense, in fact it’s the most sensible i have seen all month!