House sues Obama, then demands he do it again.

If you watched it on C-Span, it kind of went like this.

  • House approves a lawsuit against Barack Obama for exceeding his authority, and not enforcing existing laws that they themselves tried to defeat.
  • House tries to pass an immigration law, but fails because it smells too much like a victory for Obama. The bill is withdrawn, prompting comments that demand Obama use his mighty pen again. Remember, the pen that got him sued in the first place.
  • House adds more money so Rick Perry can play war with his National Guard troops, cuts the existing request by 2 billion dollars, and adds clauses that make it much easier to deport little kids who rode on top of a train in order to come to America. Even so, four ultra right-wingers still oppose the bill. Guess who.
  • Immigration Reform Lite is passed. Everyone runs home to tell the masses what a great job they are doing.
  • Obama threatens to use his pen, and fix the problem the Republicans cannot fix in Congress.

The war with the President is a sad case, but the war within the Republican party is becoming a real problem. Even months before a major election, they continue to blunder their way through the democratic process, producing political talking points, and little else.