How Small is Smaller Government?

How small is smaller government? Small government freaks say that our government is a bloated beast, and that we can make it leaner and more effective. They are right. But then they start complaining about all of the programs that make our lives better.

Close down the EPA? With Superfund sites in every state, that would amount to allowing anyone to poison your water and air with impunity. Even if you outlawed a polluter in your state, your actions would do nothing to prevent that party from moving next door.
Education? Even William Bennet believes that Common Core is a reliable means of determining the effectiveness of schools across the nation. A casual visit to a local school board meeting should awaken you to the dangers of allowing local government to control your child’s education.
Infrastructure? Millions of people are risking their lives every day on the deferred maintenance of our highways and bridges.
Social Programs? The illusion of millions of ‘takers’ living off the work of others is just that; poverty is caused by poor economic conditions and lack of education.
Obamacare? You cannot seriously believe that people without health insurance don’t get treated. They do, on your dime. Managing a failed, bloated healthcare system is what the Affordable Care Act is all about. Making everyone pay a share of that cost is common sense.

Your police and firemen are paid low wages, too low for the job they do. Your roads and bridges are the backbone of your economy. Your hospitals need to make better decisions about healthcare. Your kids need better education. Your air and water need protection.

So tell me; what do you intend to make smaller?