How To Drain The Swamp – Part One

We realize that no one in Washington want to drain anything, but in case there is one confused soul left, we thought these ideas might put that person on the right path.

  1. No political sweet-heart deals – like buying up the land where a highway intersection is about to be legislated.
  2. No junkets – we don’t need you running off to study the stout problem on golf courses in Ireland.
  3. No PACS – get the money out of elections
  4. Legislate Citizen’s United – no secret donors. Has any inquired if Putin donated in 2016?
  5. Make the DOD balance to the penny – FASB rules. If you cannot account for funds, they are deleted from your next budget. And you are replaced.
  6. Make defense contractors untouchable to Congress – no plants in anyone’s district. That decision is not for Congress to decide.
  7. Close 5 military bases in each state – no is going to invade Arkansas.
  8. Close 250 bases around the globe – fixed military positions are at least 50 years out of date.
  9. Stop subsidizing corn, and petro-chemicals. Thus begins tax reform.
  10. Start negotiating pharmacy prices – this is outright theft from the government.

A good start. Perhaps President Trump will start working on these, and stop pissing down our legs.