Huckabee’s Kosher BLT

The stink of politicians never smells worse than when Mike Huckabee opens his mouth. First he called the women he worked around in New York City trashy.  Then he compared the acceptance of gay marriage to ‘asking a jew to eat bacon.’ Hard to gauge how Bibi Netanyahu would respond to this comment. I hope the Huck misses his upcoming speech. Oy vey!

How Huckabee maintains his piety in the den of iniquity that is New York is anyone’s guess. Self flagellation perhaps. Constant prayer. It doesn’t look like relentless fasting was involved. But he held his nose long enough to cash those checks that Fox News was giving him to waste an hour of news with who knows what. Commentary? Sermonette? We never figured it out.
Trashy profane freaks are often wasted on the chaste. Like cops. Never around when you want to buy one a drink. Hanging out the Huck, I guess. I’m sure he’s fun to goof on.