Hugh Hewitt somehow still thinks there will be a reset

Hugh Hewitt somehow still thinks there will be a reset

CHRIS JANSING (HOST): What happens now inside that White House? Does somebody come in in that position? How does it sort of reorder how things work? 

HUGH HEWITT:  I think the president looks to his cabinet very, very quickly. Through the agency of Gen. Kelly organizing the paper flow. But you’ve got some extraordinarily talented people in the form of Scott Pruitt at the EPA and Jeff Sessions and his whole entire team at Justice, which is extremely well talented. Rick Perry at Energy, and Ajit Pai at the FCC. And you ask for policy proposals to be staffed appropriately. Let Gary Cohn help put together the tax package, especially a corporate tax cut rate. You turn to Don McGahn, who is the very talented White House counsel, and you say let’s hurry up on the judges, there are 100 vacancies here, 20 of them at the circuit. And then you go to Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and have a summit with maybe Mike Pence and Nick Ayers helping to bring it all together and say let’s organize our fall so that we can roll out as well as we did the 14 congressional review acts. So I’m very optimistic that a reset of what a coalition government needs — and I’ve been calling it a “coalition government” for months. Steve Schmidt said this, he’s absolutely right, I’ve used the analogy before as well. There is the party of President Trump which includes a lot of people who are never Republicans before. In my home county of Trumble Country, President Obama won 60 percent. Well, Donald Trump won 55 percent. They all switched over to President Trump. I think the party of Trump and the party of congressional Republicans have frayed in the past month. I think that can be put back together again, and, I mention for the second time, watch Nick Ayers and Mike Pence. I think they’re going to be the glue that the president is going to ask to help him repair. And the president has always campaigned on the same four or five things. A 355 ship Navy. That means the repeal of the Budget Control Act. He campaigned on a border fence. He’s going to get that or the government is going to shut down. And on a big tax cut, and he’s going to get that. So there’s a potential that September could be very good for the “coalition government” for both halves of it. 


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Hugh Hewitt somehow still thinks there will be a reset